At One Tentacle Publishing we don’t believe in target audiences, we believe in great ideas being shared, beautiful artwork being shown and good stories always being told. We believe that the wonder and creativity of art always has an audience.

Our objectives are:

  • To give writers and illustrators the creative freedom to produce books in the way they envisaged them
  • To mentor writers and artists through the creative process of producing their own books/prints (by invitation only)
  • To provide audiences with diverse works of literature and art

We look forward to sharing some of our projects with you.

Upcoming projects

  • My Mortal Awareness – An elucidation of the universe through words and poetry, by author Nicholas Bennett, complemented by a visual response inspired by Nicholas’s poetry by artist, Tina Wilson.
  • The Faust Trilogy – A special compendium of the three titles in the international best-selling “Faust’ series (What Faust Saw, Faust’s Party and Faust in Space). Written and illustrated by Matt Ottley
  • Art Prints by Matt Ottley, Tina Wilson and Lisa Tiffen

Previous projects

  • A fun, quirky series of children’s picture books by author/illustrator Lisa Tiffen which subtly show children how to handle the wonderful world of emotions. Titles include; Grumps, Lovelies, Sorrows and Frights. These books are now available from online retailers in both hardcover and paperback versions.