One Tentacle Publishing is thrilled to release this unique book: The Dying Alchemists – Reflections on existence. As a boutique publisher one of our key goals is to produce works that give writers and illustrators the creative freedom to create books in the way they envisage them. This is the case in The Dying Alchemist where multiple genres; science, poetry, philosophy and art, are combined into one stunningly illustrated book.

Delicate watercolours by artist Tina Wilson, weave author Nicholas Bennett’s narrative and poetry, in contrast to the vast topics covered in the text, bringing the reader to a place of deep contemplation, focusing on the minutiae of nature as a metaphor for universal themes. The combination of prose, poetry and visual art is a rich celebration of life and the wonders of existence and consciousness.

The official book launch will take place in Western Australia in late September in partnership with the State Library of Western Australia.

We hope you enjoy Nicholas’s thought provoking text, his insightful poetry and the accompanying artworks.

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